We’re not just a bunch of gaming fanatics.

fellow gamers SWe love our classic video games. This website is definitely inspired by our passion for gaming and it is dedicated to all video game geeks all over the world. We started this website because we wanted our own kind of safe haven where we can discuss all things gaming. We hope to attract a big audience of fellow gamers.

Pete Warren aka "Phoenix"

Quick question, 'What is life without video games?" I honestly do not know. And I pray I never find out I am the website assisting writer. I love video games and writing about them on this page is a privilege. If there is one quote that speaks to me, it would be, It is fulfilling to know you gave it your absolute best, even when you end up losing:. Desire and commitment are the driving force in my life. lye been told I am too emotional. I am just a sensitive soul and that is something I will never apologize for. I use the online name Phoenix. I adapted it after reading about the myth of the Phoenix. It was very fascinating.

Kevin Jenkins: Mr. Gameboy Collector

"Life is a combination of reality and video games" I am the website editor lye been playing video games all my life and lye been collecting Gameboys for as long as I can remember. I love video games and as I often say, "Life is a combination of reality and video games." I am one person who doesn't try to change the world but I like making people smile. My mantra is, "Strive to be a source of joy in other people's lives."

Virgil Evans aka ‘The happy memory collector’

I love the quote, 'Your desire to win must be greater than your fear of losing." This is the mantra that I live by. In whatever I do, I let my passion take the wheel. I do not dwell on negative thoughts and every time they creep up, I simply go to my social media profile and read the quote above. It always reminds me of the many times I led with my passion and yielded great results. I am a contributing writer for the website. I consider myself "The happy memory collector". Every console I collect has a great story behind it.

Helen ‘Super Gamegirl’ Smith

I wasn't really interested in gaming until I came upon my fathers old video gaming console in his childhood bedroom at my grandmother's place. It was a gem. And long after I first held it in my arms, it became one of my favorite things in the world. Since then lye gone on to play more millennial-type of games but the retro games stole my heart first. I definitely consider myself a retro gamer, I prefer old school games to the modern ones. I am a special events reporter for the website. I use the online name Super Gamegirl.

We plan on achieving our goals by creating very interactive content about all things gaming. It will also be greatly informative and entertaining. Reach out to us anytime if you think we should add something new to our current line up of great topics and themes that should be covered here:



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