Who are the biggest gaming super fans

Mr. Tyler Blevins aka ‘Ninja’ SAubrey Drake, John Sherman, and Travis Scott are all big name gaming super fans cheering for the one and only Ninja! Wait- who???? One name out there that seems who be attracting a lot of attention is Mr. Tyler Blevins aka ‘Ninja’. He's currently hot news with his own video channel that has over twenty million subscribers and earns an ungodly one million USD per month playing the popular online game: Fortnite!

In the internet gaming world, Ninja's now reached superstar status. He's also hanging out with a few big names such as Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake, Pittsburgh Stealers John Sherman, plus Texas-born rapper Travis Scott. So how did Ninja suddenly become such hot news and how does he hang out with the new superstar friends? Well, it's all down to an internet game called Fortnite and Ninja is in the premier league for this game. Fortnite actually hit the streets in 2017 and is part of the Epic Games platform. It's a multi-opportunity game with all kinds of elaborate battles where players can enter their digital worlds and turn themselves into kinds of different superheroes' as they fight to save the world and survive. In this free to play, free for all battle, 100 players can each enter an online match with the ultimate aim to be the last player standing. Like I said- Ninjas in the premier league with this game, which is pretty good when you consider 125 million signed up for it in the first year alone! This is one of the places that Ninja hangs out with his high profile best friends and they've helped raise the game's profile with hundreds of millions of dollars generated each month. The game, just like Ninja, is a phenomenon and I guess they were made for each other.

With fame does come some kind of responsibility and Ninja needs to understand that not every kid can make it big in the digital reality world! There's still a real life real world to be considered where all kids, need to be educated for some kind of future, that doesn't include headsets and fantasy battles. Love him or hate him, this previously unknown fast-food worker has a massive fan base and, when he's deep in the game, huge numbers are watching and this could be over 100,000 people. As mentioned earlier, he's a Fortnite premier league player and one of the best in the business with over 70% of his earnings coming from paying ‘stream’ followers. He's got the skills, he's setting records, he's popular, and he's a real showman to boot. He's been in the game, or different levels of different games, for a while now- he's practiced and honed his skills to perfection. Perhaps in the same way as his mate, John Sherman would have done. Just as sporting athletes train for, that is the kind of sport in the real world, where young kids learn the basics from practice to make perfect. Then they develop and hit the big time if they are good enough. Well it seems that Ninja followed the same path in his digital world with a game that can be played online for free.

Ninja's a top-level streamer and he's taken over the mantle from people like Dr. DisRespect and Shroud. But, even though Ninja is a new name on the block, he's actually been around the block for more than ten years. Recently last year in April of 2018, Ninja was invited to stream live at the newly opened Esports Arena in the Luxor Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The perfect combination to promote free online slot games (such as these) and the most popular free MMORPG games on the internet today! Ninja is getting more than a free ride on the gravy boat to fame!

Should he get a real job one day? Well, we do know he had worked at Noodles & Company which is a popular fast food pasta restaurant you find across popping up on every corner. And despite people loving or hating him, this is perfectly normal for someone in the celebrity world. If we don't like him we can always switch him off. Ninja is hot news right now despite questions about when he will stop his douche-bag antics and get a proper job. But the chances are he will just stick with what he's doing as it's a formula that works! Obviously it works for Hershey’s chocolate who dedicated their chocolate products to even pairing DrLupo and Ninja together just like Reese’s Pieces fused into a bar of Hershey’s chocolate. As unknown reporter Herbert Morrison once quoted: “Oh the Humanity”- such is the enormous fate of Tyler Blevins yet to burn-up in mid air soon enough…