The rise and popularity of retro handheld gaming consoles

It was back in the late 1980’s when handheld gaming consoles were introduced to the masses, courtesy of PlayStation's GameBoy. And yet, these typers of games were still pretty early in the development of gaming tech, the graphics weren't much to shout about, and character functionality was very limited. Nonetheless, the world fell in love with this new tech that could be taken anywhere with you. That's partly why now, almost 30 years on, gamers and regular consumers alike are returning to the good old days and buying up retro handheld consoles like never before.

Bringing back that partly nostalgia

retro gaming APeople are once again returning to their childhoods. But, in any case it's much more than that; those old school gadgets from the early 80’s were pure fun! Early efforts with retro hand gaming consoles weren't the very first attempt at gaming concepts and graphics at the time, but they were the first of their kind to bring those ideas to fruition on the small screen. Details were small, albeit clunky. So, while you could see everything on the screen, it wasn't always clear exactly where it would move too. Getting used to utilizing just a few buttons in different ways to move your characters and objects around was another skill that took some time to master- likewise. This was even the case when people took the time to read the instructions! But, those early personal gaming consoles efforts were rewarded by armies of fans who loved the ability to have their favorite games that were affordable and easy to play into their home, or bedroom or anywhere for that matter!

A savvy technological transformation

While early handhelds presented fun and achievable challenges for gamers, it was still nothing when compared to the bigger challenges faced by game developers to create more popular game titles at that time. With even more limited memory space for graphics and controls than in full-size home consoles versions, not to mention a smaller screen size, the real achievement was to create a palm-sized console that was playable and highly addictive. But, companies like Playstation, SEGA and Atari, managed it and how! Since those days -when pocket consoles proved to be more popular than many could have imagined, they are considered to be the sole reason for the advancement of personal gaming tech and to the gaming world in general. New gaming companies have come and gone and the old stalwarts have, largely, gone from financial strength to stealthy strategy! That's something that likely wouldn't have happened without the advent and popularity of any mini-consoles they have on the market, which made video gaming more accessible to a wider audience.

It’s nostalgia that rules

We touched upon the nostalgic feelings being partly behind the rise in popularity of retro gaming consoles. And its safe to say that while it isn't the only reason, it's definitely one of the bigger ones! People who used to play these micro-sized video games in the late 80’s and early 90’s will remember the simplicity of the games that were popular at the time. Characters, quests, targets and goals are all thought of fondly and when gamers happen to play on their newer/more modern consoles, with their minds regularly turning back to their own early gamepad careers. Then again, just like any other internet search is performed- before you know it, you've bought an original mint condition Gameboy and 10 games cartridges. Or, if you prefer to see your merchandise before you buy it, just take look at the physical store options out there and you'll likely be surprised at how many places cater to this growing trend. And here's the thing, those retro mini games are almost always just as addictive and enjoyable as you remember — that's why portable gaming consoles have returned once again to popularity and are likely to stay on top for the next decade to come.