The Future of Gaming Consoles

It's no new news that the popularity of gaming has been blown out of proportion in recent years, with games such as Fortnite and Robloxs taking the world to storm, but are the days numbered for gaming consoles? Every year as technology advances and there is growing competition, the price of consoles and games increases, and with streaming coming to the forefront of the gaming world, consumers are having to spend more and more to purchase in-game additions. Plus, now with the potential to earn money from streamed games but with very poor odds, will consumers spend too much money on streamed games which will eventually lead to gamers losing money and no longer be able to afford to play?

popularity of gaming BGaming console companies are quickly realizing that the consumer doesn't want a particular console, but instead the game itself. The people at Microsoft believe that people find most importantly that they are able to play their favorite games on any devices. Ubisoft co-founder Yves Guillemot believes that there will be one more generation of consoles and after this the focus will be drawn to streaming games on platform-agnostic devices. With this in mind, it is clear the console companies are looking to the future of gaming, steering away from the traditional box console and taking everything online.One of the most interesting points I came across was the development of streaming and the potential risks it holds to the gaming market.

As games become more advanced, with the likes of 4k, this holds uncertainty as to whether games consoles will be able to handle the ever-advancing technology. With the potential release of the PS5 in 2020, this device would still be no more powerful than a gaming PC built in 2018. This is a scary prediction as games are currently squeezing the life out of the best PC’s with their top-quality content. As a result, gaming companies will be looking to produce better quality games on a streamed service instead, however this isn't great for consumers. Downloading high quality games requires top internet speeds, something that isn't accessible to all, and if people aren't able to download games at a reasonable speed, or at all, this could cause a downfall in the market. For this first time, I believe technology may be advancing too quickly.

But this isn't the only problem that streaming provides for game consoles. There is now the emerging trend for gamers to make money on streamed games, similar to online gambling. This raises alarm bells as there is not the same awareness of the risk this poses for gamers like there is in gambling, plus the odds are far worst off. Gamers are not aware of the financial damage that this is causing them and eventually people will not be streaming these games as they cannot afford to This could cause a crash in the popularity of streaming games, instead of it being a step towards the future.

However, this isn't stopping gaming console companies from creating more consoles. There are rumors of the PS5 launching in coming years and Nintendo have thrown a spanner in the works with the Switch. Although the traditional sense of a console may be coming to an end, it could be time for a new era of streaming devices for gamers, whether this will last, only time will tell.